Top 10 most Dangerous Insects

From their small size, one can easily underrate insects and tend to think they can do no harm. However, this is very different as those who have had exposure to some of these insects surely have a tale to tell. Here are some of the top 10 most dangerous insects

1. Mosquitoes

These insects are not just irritating with their noise in the middle of the night, they are also terrible in that they such blood and cause blood borne diseases and mostly malaria. This results to millions of deaths per year. In the right conditions, they lay their eggs on any place holding stagnant water and thousands of them hatch room one spot, thus continuing to cause death.

2. Fleas

Mostly found on pets, the flea can find its way and attack a person giving the most annoying sharp pain. They are known to ferry the bubonic plague from rats that act as their host to human beings. The bite of a flea brings about an allergic reaction making it to be one of the top 10 most dangerous insect.

3. Bees

Although bees are known not to attack unless they are provoked, deaths from bees continue to be reported in thousands on the African continent. This makes it an insect to avoid since even an attack by a few hundred bees is enough to kill you. The bees however die after attacking their victim.

4. Tsetse fry

This insect is found in the African grassland, it is known for its ability to spread sleeping sickness and trypanasomiasis in animals. With a high death toll of around 250 thousand deaths per year, more effort needs to be put in place to ensure that the movement of the insect is curbed.

5. Fire ants

They are mostly found in the soil where they nest. With large amount of moulds that act as their housing, the fire ant will feed on smaller insects and sometimes crickets. When disturbed, these insects will sting a poisonous prick that brings about swelling of the culprit body part. They also destroy many crops in the field that may add up to millions of money.

6. Locust

They move in large swarms that pose danger of drought to any area that they pass through. They cause death of animals and humans by destroying all the food in the field leaving people with nothing to eat. One swarm may contain several millions of these insect thus nothing green is left behind after they have passed through a certain area.

7. Wasp

The best thing with all the sub-species of wasp is that they all have a particular prey that it feeds on. They are social insect in that they do not seek out humans unless they feel that their territory is under threat. When stung, many people will go to an anaphylactic shock that often leads to death. A single sting from one wasp is enough to cause death.

8. African ants

They are famous for moving as a colony, they cause much damage to plants and animals. They are famous for attacking people in the countryside, the sting of insects is quite dangerous as it contain asphyxiation, this can bring about death of the elderly, disabled or even the elderly who cannot manage to free from the insects.

9. Asian hornet (giant Japanese hornet)

It has a height of about three inches that makes it standout among the insect sizes. Its sting is dangerous in that it has a pain-causing chemical that other insects lack. In addition, it has venom that can dissolve human body tissues. Its ability to attract others of its kind using a certain smell puts the victim on danger and reduces chances of survival.

10. The hemiptera /kissing bug

This is one of the 'true bugs'. With their distinct mouthpart, this insect is able to transmit the chagas disease that is less noticeable. This causes danger of life, as the disease will be noticed in its final stages of progression. The lack of the right treatment of this disease at advanced level makes it to have the insect classified as one of the top 10 most dangerous insect.